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Aawww…. I can’t believe that this is the 8th month of my pregnancy.. and the baby born will be 2 months to go. I’m so excited to welcome the baby. The preparation must be perfect. The midwife who will accompany me when the ‘it’ day comes, the plastic pool, baby sitter, name for the baby, and of course the baby stuff and equipment. The most irresistible thing is the last one, yup, it’s SHOPPING! Lol. There is no more happier thing than buy so many cute things.

My fave activity within a pregnancy periode: Shopping! Lol

In another side, I also get busy in preparing the little online shop I make. It such a thrifted and secondhand one. The name is The Daffodils Shop. Such a simple and small thrifted outfit shop. Where I sell some outfit that I do not wear anymore and new products as well. It is within my facebook friends scope (for now). Although the profits are not much, but I am happy to do it. Moreover, I plan to design some clothes. Hopefully it will be realized in the near future.

Here are the sample of some product that i designed. Simple and casual