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My status has changed 6,5 month ago. Yup, I’m being a mom now. One more phase in life has been passed. All the time we devote only for our little angel: Al Nauval Nararya (Al). We are no longer two, but three.

6.5 months made ​​me turn towards the better. At first I was little bit surprised to feel the rush and the situation has just changed. We had to get up at midnight, feeding, taking care, and facing many dilemmas about care of baby. But I realize that I really enjoyed the situation right now, I love to be with him, when I’m working I want to go home soon to meet him, and my exhaustion is getting lost when I see his smile to welcoming my arrival. Even when I’m nursing formed another dimension of us that feels so warm and happy.

Today everything must be linked to his existence. I no longer do and acted arbitrarily because now I’m responsible for my husband and son. And it seems so fun when we do anything together.

Wearing: (Me): Navy Cardigan – Cotton Ink, Wedges – Rotelli, (Al): Tees – Superbaby, Hat – MJ

I think there is nothing to do than being grateful. Thank You God for giving me such a perfect life with a lovely husband and very cute son.