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Sometimes in life we’re too tired to think how to properly and wisely behave. We are busy for undergoing recent activities that drain our time. We even tend to not really care about what should we do and what people think. We just go to the flow, just like water in the river. Sometime it sounds good because we seem don’t force anything, but in the same way it’s like neglect our social life. And at the end of the year then we realized that we did not do anything.

Time goes so fast. Even the resolutions that we painstakingly create in the last end of year is still being resolution in this year. The more we look for our weakness in the past, the longer what-to-do list we made which is only writing on a piece of paper.

But I believe, with some effort, we can certainly reduce some of the resolution list (read: realize our targets). I accidentally opened my resolution 2 years ago here, and it turns out of 13 points I’ve made, there only 3 things that have not materialized and they went back to 2013’s resolution, even in some cases I can be a few steps ahead. Surprising!

And here are my recent resolution: Being more patient, Maintaining a strong self control, Being a wisely wife and mom, Increasing interest of reading the book to set an example to my children, Improving my English by enhancing some vocabulary (OMG it’s getting worst now), Expediting on reading Al Quran, continuing my study… Wooow need extra sweat to make those happen.

Spent the rest of the New Year holiday with my little family in Mr. Pancake café and tasted some meals for lunch such as Spaghetti Cilly Prawn, Spaghetti Conpollo, and Chocoholic Lovers Pancake.

I earnestly thank to ‘Baby Lead Weaning’ method so my baby can independently eat and our lunch were going so fluent 🙂

Sending a bear warm hugs for everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 🙂