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This is a late post that happen in my life. A few months ago, a blogger friend surprising me. I received a package from someone who lives miles far away. She is Terrill Welch,  an artist, writer, and photographer from Mayne Island Canada. This gift contains of a book ‘Precious Seconds’ of her paintings and photographs  that she took, tee, and jumpsuits for my son. What a lovely!

Starting from our blog, we visit each other and became closer because she’s a sincere. Look at how she sent a lovely gift from another island that is very very far away. It even takes about 4 months long to get to my house, Semarang Indonesia.

It is such a special care and attention whereas I am only idler blogger that occasionally visit to her virtual home http://creativepotager.wordpress.com (look at her creative, what a painting!) and catch up via Twitter. I am deeply impressed and grateful to know her as a friend.

Yeah, make friends is that easy. As long as we are in the right corridor and good manners, we will easily get a lot of friends. Giving respect and loving each other is one of many important things in friendship.