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Sunny weather blanketed Semarang along the day. it makes us to plan a family day out with husband and my little one. The recent bustle in a weekday make us more appreciate a little spare time. But suddenly the drizzle leads us briefly. With bit of hope and wait, the glimmer of light appeared. Those clouds were suddenly blown by the wind. it’s just like a life. Sometimes, something that we don’t expect happen in our life.


Something cliche, still it’s something we only need. We even not be able to figure out what will happen next. So don’t lose hope and keep having faith.

Lately, a number of problems have being engulf our little family. Certainly it disturb our daily activities. But, just like those cloud that replace by the sun shine. We need a time to make it blown. We need a time to do some efforts, prays, patient, and hope.

I wish everyone will have a delightful week.