Thank You

Dear Lord,

Thank you for giving me these 27 years old for me

Thank you for giving me a lovely life, great husband, and very cute son for me so it can color my life every single time

Thank you for assigning me as wife and mom for them so I can learn everything and take them into a good life

Thank you for giving me this job so I can make a living for my little family

Thank you for making me a person who has so many abilities so make me a worthy one

Thank you for presenting me a modest house to make us sheltered

Thank you for rendering me so many good friends so I’m not alone in this world


Thank you for giving me this priceless life 🙂

Pink and Denim



The time runs so fast, can’t believe that this is the second year of my marriage. There are happiness, sorrow, tears,  and laugh for these 2 years. I know that 2 years is such a quite short time to build a harmonious family. I still need a thousand years to make it perfect. by these last 2 years i need to learn and learn more how to be a good mom and better wife.
And on May, there will be a 1st birthday of my son. He has excellent growth. Always came up the giggles when i see he is learning how to say a word and stand up by him self. Can’t resist to see him growing up.

The glimmer of light


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Sunny weather blanketed Semarang along the day. it makes us to plan a family day out with husband and my little one. The recent bustle in a weekday make us more appreciate a little spare time. But suddenly the drizzle leads us briefly. With bit of hope and wait, the glimmer of light appeared. Those clouds were suddenly blown by the wind. it’s just like a life. Sometimes, something that we don’t expect happen in our life.


Something cliche, still it’s something we only need. We even not be able to figure out what will happen next. So don’t lose hope and keep having faith.

Lately, a number of problems have being engulf our little family. Certainly it disturb our daily activities. But, just like those cloud that replace by the sun shine. We need a time to make it blown. We need a time to do some efforts, prays, patient, and hope.

I wish everyone will have a delightful week.