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Since i’ve been busy, there is nothing i can do except sewing. As i said before it’s because i have to run after the time which is getting over for me to be free for work. I dont care about my health, my family, my friendship, my other relationship, and even i forget to take a pray to God. I’ve just realized that i’m such a selfish and too independent person. And yeah, now i’m a weirdo who dont know about everything around me. My friend’s birthday, my friend’s graduation, what my sisters have been doing, ignore my bf’s calls and what should i prepare to start working on next month. hmmmh…I should be socialized even i’m really busy lately.

Exhausted made me sick again. Now i’ve got recovery from my illness (tonsillities). I realized how I’ve been always neglecting the importance of eating regularly and drinking water as much as possible, as often as it required -. I often skip the meals for catching appointments or doing some duties. It felt so uncomfortable to be a sick person, it was horrible and painfull. Health is expensive when you don’t keep yourself aware about your body’s necessity. To be healthy is actually easy. All you need is eat properly and sleep enough – two things I never remember. But I’ve got my learning points and I will trying harder to put my health as priority.

Being a healty person is great, i can do anything i want, like these photo shots. Such my favourite photos ever. I’ve captured in old carriage. The story behind is when i and my sister went around few days ago, we unintentionally saw an old carriage on the edge of railway. So after getting recovery well, i permited to station officer to took a pictures on there. And here they are!

(strippes baloon dress, boots, black necklace as bangle)